Give Your Bridesmaid A Cool Gift

Giving your bridesmaid a cool gift that is unique to her is a great way to express your gratitude for her support leading up to the wedding and show how much she means to you.
Jewelry intended to be worn on the day of the wedding has become a traditional and expected bridesmaid gift. Because of this, you should still buy jewelry if you haven’t told your bridesmaids to choose their own accessories for your wedding. Go beyond earrings and a necklace by packaging the wedding jewelry in a nice jewelry box. That will make the gift more personal and transform it from a useful gift to a cool gift.

Choosing Jewelry Boxes For Your Bridesmaids

When it comes to choosing jewelry boxes for your bridesmaids, you have three options: get everyone the same box, get everyone different boxes, or get one style for the bridesmaids and a different style for the maid-of-honor.

Cool Bridesmaid Gift Jewelry BoxIf you opt to get everyone the same box, you might consider having each box personalized with the attendant’s name. Avoid having it engraved with your wedding date because it will mean more to her if it’s personal to her rather than you.

Getting different boxes for your attendants is a better choice than buying them identical boxes. Consider their personal styles, décor, and tastes when selecting their boxes. You could get a wooden box for the girl who likes classic styles and a leather box for the ultra-trendy girl. You should also take their jewelry preferences into account. Look for a box with several ring slots if you have a friend who wears a lot of rings. Go for a box with lots of earring compartments for the attendant who wears earrings, but never rings or bracelets.

Each jewelry box should be about the same size and price, although no one will mind if the maid-of-honor’s box is a little fancier. She did have more work to do planning your shower and bachelorette party.

When To Give Bridesmaid Gifts

Give your attendants their gifts at either the bridesmaid luncheon or the rehearsal dinner, where gifts for parents and groomsmen can also be presented. That way your attendants can take the gifts home or back to their hotel rooms. If you put jewelry to be worn for the wedding inside the jewelry box, ask them to bring the jewelry in the morning.

Don’t wait to distribute the gifts the day of the wedding. You’ll be too frazzled with your preparations to make the moment special, and your attendants will have another thing to keep track of besides their purses and bouquets.

A Cool Bridesmaid Gift Is The Perfect Thank You

Your bridesmaids are thrilled to be in your wedding and want to be there to support you. By giving them a cool gift that is both personal and useful, you’re telling them just how much you appreciate all the time and money they’ve put into your wedding. The rest of the wedding is all about you and your new husband, but the gifts should be all about the friends you’ve chosen to share your day with you.

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