A Man’s Jewelry Box: How to Store Cuff Links, Watches, and More

Jewelry Boxes: Not Just for Women

Although they’re referred to as valet boxes, tie tack boxes, cuff link boxes, or watch boxes, these boxes are in fact men’s jewelry boxes. A man’s jewelry box isn’t girly, and it’s not brightly colored. Instead it’s sleek, sophisticated, and functional. The box is often constructed of burlwood or another hard wood that’s been stained to bring out the natural grain, so it’s also a statement piece.

Valet Boxes: Storage Solutions for Pocket Stuff

Mens Wood Jewelry Valet BoxIf your wife complains about your wallet, keys, money clip, credit cards, keys, coins, rings, cuff links, or watches littering the nightstand or kitchen counter every night, you need a valet box. A man’s jewelry box usually has several lined compartments large enough to hold all your items securely. The boxes can either be styled as trays with open and closed compartments or traditional boxes with lids.

In addition to ending complaints, the valet box will keep everything in one place at night, which makes it easy to reload your pockets in the morning. Many valet boxes also have space for your rings, so you won’t worry about knocking your wedding ring down the drain while showering or shaving.

Cuff Link Boxes: Turn Simple Cuff Links into Heirlooms

These days, cuff links are usually reserved for special occasions and formal events. Store your treasured or heirloom cuff links in a valet box or cuff link box to keep them in pristine condition. The cuff links could be scratched if they’re allowed to roll around loose. A man’s jewelry box should have space for cuff links in a separate compartment so the clasps won’t knock against watch faces or rings.

Tie Tack Boxes: Find the Tie Clip You Want in Seconds

A man’s jewelry box is the best way to organize your tie tack collection. You can lay them flat in the drawer or compartment of a valet box or use a dedicated tie tack box. Your goal is to keep the back pins or clips from scratching the fronts of nearby clips. A tie tack box or compartment will also keep them sorted so you can find the one you want quickly.

Watch Boxes: Preserve Your Collection in Style

Watches today are expressions of personal style rather than necessary timepieces. Because of this, watch collections often consist of more expensive watches in a variety of styles. Don’t risk damaging your valuable watches by leaving them lying on your dresser. A watch box, or the watch drawer or compartment of a man’s jewelry box, is a better way to keep the bands in good condition and protect the faces.

Mens Wood Watch BoxSelf-winding watches (watches without batteries) will wind down if left in a drawer or watch box for a few days because the winding mechanism relies on external motion. While winding them manually may not be too big a hassle, a watch winder will wind the watches between wearings. Watchmakers recommend that you use a watch winder for a watch you wear once every 3-4 days or a watch with multiple resetting dials.

If you have a collection of watches, rings, cuff links, and tie tacks, or just want a place to keep all your stuff at night, then a man’s jewelry box is the best choice for you. ________________________________________________________________________________

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